Plans & PricingWhen you sign up for LibertyID, you’re protecting yourself and your family from identity theft fallout. Don’t risk losing hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars due to identity theft. Put LibertyID in your corner, today.
Our services are 100% guaranteed.

Best Coverage

Extended Family Plan

Membership includes you, your spouse/partner, your parents, your parents-in-law, and your children under age 25

$39.99 monthly

$399 yearly

  • Protect you
  • Protect your partner
  • Protect your children
  • Protect your parents

Couple Plan

Membership for you and your spouse/partner

$24.99 monthly

$249 yearly

  • Protect you
  • Protect your partner
  • Protect your children
  • Protect your parents

Single Plan

Single-person membership

$19.99 monthly

$199 yearly

  • Protect you
  • Protect your partner
  • Protect your children
  • Protect your parents
  • I am grateful - they were able to get the answers that I was not able to obtain on my own.  I would definitely recommend LibertyID to families with kids.
    Tom R.
  • "I would absolutely recommend LibertyID! It is a valuable thing to have in your back pocket. My name is Greg and I was a victim of identity theft. Let’s say that I was scared and angry..."
    Greg L.
  • "Communication from LibertyID was terrific, they are very courteous, thoughtful, sympathetic, and reassuring. My name is Linda F. I am from Wisconsin and I was a victim of a Facebook scam…"
    Linda F.
  • "I cannot say enough about the efficiency, knowledge, high customer service and care I have received from LibertyID. My name is Michelle C. I am from Colorado and I lost my wallet on a Friday…"
    Michelle C.
  • "Working with LibertyID allowed me to get relief, and feel like I’d regained some of the control. My name is Sarah. When I found out I remember feeling frustrated and that my life was out of control…"
  • When I received a bill from Verizon Wireless in my name, I was perplexed, as I have a different carrier. When I realized that someone had stolen my identity I was angry and scared. Thank God for LibertyID! Not only were they extremely kind and assuring, they knew what to do and they fixed the situation immediately.
    Hope M.
  • When I found that I was a victim of identity theft, I called my bank, they told me that they “had this.” They had LibertyID identity theft restoration services in place for all their depositors!
    Corrine M.
  • I was freaked out when I first thought that I was a victim of identity theft—plus I felt embarrassed that I had fallen for the Medicare scam.
    Davia R.
  • I was, first of all, surprised, when I received a letter from the fraud department of my credit card, as I've always been careful to protect my identity.  Then I was unnerved, then worried.
    Edith B.
  • I had signed up for LibertyID Restoration Services about a year and a half ago when Equifax had their data breach.  That was a great decision – one call to LibertyID and they assigned an advocate to me.
    Justin S.
  • I have recommended LibertyID’s identity restoration services to my clients, friends and family.  Basically, I have said “don’t be dumb” having LibertyID’s service is a no brainer.
    Stephen K.

When you become a LibertyID member, you’ll rest easy knowing that, if your identity is ever stolen, professional help is just a phone call away. We will:

  • Place fraud alerts at the three major credit bureaus for you.
  • Get copies of credit reports from all three credit bureaus and review the reports to identify fraudulent activity.
  • Complete the Identity Theft Affidavit from the Federal Trade Commission to establish your rights as a victim.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, and other agencies as needed, to try to reverse any wrongful information, transactions, or misuse of official documentation.
  • Submit disputes to credit card companies, banks, lending institutions, utility companies, cell phone carriers and more.
  • Research and document any fraudulent transactions, false accounts, or contracts signed with creditors, banks, utility companies, leasing agents, medical facilities, etc., and make sure all erroneous information is removed from your credit file.
  • Research public record databases to find and correct erroneous non-credit related information
  • Replace lost documentation, such as credit cards, licenses, passport, and/or government-issued documents.
  • Initiate single bureau credit monitoring, which will be in place throughout the recovery process and for a full 12 months after your case is resolved.
  • Provide you with a complete copy of your credit report and score from one of the major credit reporting agencies, once per year.

Our services are 100% guaranteed.

People can spend 200+ hours and years of their lives getting back their identities. With LibertyID, you’ll spend just as little as 30 minutes and wait as little as 15 days for full restoration. Sign up today!

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