My name is Edith B. from Wisconsin and I was a victim of identity theft...

Edith B.

“I was, first of all, surprised, when I received a letter from the fraud department of my credit card, as I’ve always been careful to protect my identity.  Then I was unnerved, then worried.  I had previously attended a workshop on identity theft, so I knew the bad things that could happen.  After that I was a bit overwhelmed at what the fraud department told me I needed to do to take care of this problem.

Thankfully, I remembered that through my bank–Fox River State Bank in Burlington, Wisconsin–I had a one-year membership with LibertyID.  I called my personal banker to see what to do, and she told me that all I need to do was to call LibertyID, and everything would be taken care of.  Indeed, I only needed to make one call, and things were taken care of.  Communication was seamless – there were a couple of follow-up calls and emails to let me know what was going on.

Now, several months later, it seems that things are back to normal, and my credit reports have been good.  I’m thankful that my bank has renewed its contract with LibertyID for another year, so I will continue to be protected.  I would recommend Liberty ID to family and friends.”

*To protect the identity and anonymity of the victim we use stock images and first names only, but these are real stories from real LibertyID clients.