Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LibertyID?

Millions of Americans have their identity stolen every year, and they don’t know how to repair the damage. If you’re a LibertyID subscriber and your identity is stolen, we will fix it. That’s what we do and we’re experts at it. We’re the AAA of identity theft restoration. Our professionally-trained certified restoration specialists can save you hundreds of hours of work by placing fraud alerts, making all the necessary phone calls, filing the disputes and contacting government agencies, creditors, insurance companies and more.

What Does LibertyID Offer?

We offer best-in-class fully managed identity theft restoration. Learn more here.

What is Fully-Managed Identity Theft Restoration?

Fully Managed Identity Theft Restoration:
Provides a dedicated and certified Recovery Advocate to work on your behalf to perform all the tasks necessary to help restore your identity to pre-theft status.

Case Assignment
• Dedicated Recovery Advocate assigned
• ID Theft case established

Initial Contact
• Contact within one business day (Usually within two hours)
• Initial fraud assessment
• Crisis management skills applied
• 3 bureau credit report as needed
• Assistance with police report
• Set fraud alerts
• Explanation of rights and next steps

• Limited Power of Attorney
• Fraud Declaration
• Educational materials
• Advocate contact information

• Establish Identity Care Account with credit monitoring and report
• Contact and document evidence of fraud to creditors, government agencies and others as needed
• Insure all traces of fraud removed from victim’s credit files and other records
• Maintain case file and evidence for litigation and prosecution
• Deliver sensitive documents to victim via account upload

• Document case status to victim
• Reach consensus with victim concerning recovery
• Provide additional credit report and documentation as needed

12 Month Follow-up

Why don’t you provide credit report monitoring?

Less than 17% of identity thefts trigger a credit monitoring alert. The most serious forms of identity theft, like IRS tax return theft, employment identity theft and criminal identity theft, will not be revealed by credit report monitoring. Additionally, there are online companies that offer free credit report monitoring. The bottom line is credit monitoring doesn’t prevent identity theft — no one can prevent identity theft — and may provide a false sense of security. We believe restoration is the answer to identity theft. Get protected today and rest easy knowing you’ll have someone to call when your identity is stolen. You will be assigned a dedicated LibertyID restoration specialist who will handle your identity theft restoration from start to finish. The average identity theft victim spends upwards of 200 hours repairing their identity. Save yourself the hassle; let us do the work. Get protected today.

 What are the different types of identity theft?

  • Social Security Identity Theft
  • Credit Identity Theft
  • Financial Identity Theft
  • Driver’s License Identity Theft
  • Employment Identity Theft
  • Criminal Identity Theft
  • Medical Identity Theft
  • Insurance Identity Theft
  • Synthetic Identity Theft
  • Tax – IRS Identity Theft
  • Utility Identity Theft
  • Credential Identity Theft
  • Veterans Affairs Identity Theft
  • Child Support Identity Theft

 How much does LibertyID cost?

We offer three protection plans:
$79 – Single – yourself
$99 – Couple – you and your spouse/partner
$129 -Family – you, your spouse/partner, your parents, your spouse/partner’s parents and up to six children, age 25 and under, living at home

Get Protected

Does LibertyID require clients to sign a limited power of attorney?

Yes, if a limited power of attorney is required to complete the identity theft restoration. However, not all identity thefts require a limited power of attorney to successfully complete the restoration. We only take this step if it is needed to complete the restoration.

What is LibertyID’s experience resolving fakes 1040s filed with the IRS?

Fake 1040 filings with the IRS is a common form of identity and LibertyID has extensive experience in resolving this type of identity fraud.

What is the average experience, measured in years, that LibertyID Restoration Specialist have in resolving identity theft?

The average experience of our Restoration Specialists is 17 years

 I am not a subscriber and have had my identity stolen what do I do?

Sign-up for our identity restoration service for victims without an existing LibertyID membership.

I am not a member and have lost or had my wallet/purse stolen. What do I do next?

At this time your identity has been compromised and you’re at a much higher risk for identity theft. Sign-up now for LibertyID and be prepared in case your identity is stolen and used fraudulently.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions and other Policy documents?

Terms & Conditions are at the bottom of each page of our website or click here.

I am a subscriber and have had my identity stolen what do I do?

Please click here to contact us so we can start your restoration process.

I am a subscriber and have lost or had my wallet/purse stolen. What do I do now?

Please click on this link to take you to the appropriate page.

How do I update my contact information?

Please click here to provide your updated information.

When does my subscription renew?

Click here to contact us and we will confirm your renewal date.

How do I login to my LibertyID account?

One of the benefits of LibertyID is that you don’t need a login or a password and there isn’t a long list of information to complete. If you have your identity stolen, submit your case here and you will be assigned a LibertyID restoration advocate who will handle your identity theft recovery for you.

What is an Identity Care Account?

You are assigned an Identity Care Account if you have an active restoration in process. This is the portal where you can review the status of your restoration. You can access your Identity Care Account using the secure login and password you established during your identity theft restoration enrollment.

Is my spouse or children covered under my subscription?

We offer three protection plans:
$79 – Single – yourself
$99 – Couple – you and your spouse/partner
$129 -Family – you, your spouse/partner, your parents, your spouse/partner’s parents and up to six children, age 25 and under, living at home.

If you have questions about your subscription details, please use this form to contact us.

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