Our Story

Victims of identity theft face a mind-boggling, complex and time-consuming challenge when they try to
fix the damage themselves. We started LibertyID to solve this problem. We truly want to do for others
what they are unable to do for themselves. If you’re a LibertyID member and your identity is stolen, we
will fix it.

Identity theft is largely an invisible crime; someone quietly steals your identity and uses it for financial
gain—but the impact of identity theft extends much wider and deeper than money. We are experts at
fixing identity theft and provide our members with peace of mind knowing that when identity theft does
happen, they have someone to perform the difficult task of putting the pieces back together so they can
regain their lives. We provide the highest level of service to make this difficult situation as simple as

Our Team

Travis Mills

President & CEO

Travis is a passionate skier and bicyclist. He brings this passion to LibertyID’s cause–“Doing for others, what they are unable to do for themselves.” Travis founded LibertyID based on his belief that the industry was headed in the wrong direction by focusing on monitoring because identity theft cannot be prevented. He saw that the real need and challenge for victims of identity theft was fixing the damage caused by identity theft. This conviction paired with his highly successful e-commerce business experience led to the founding of LibertyID. As a former Owner/Operator and Director of Internet and Catalog Sales for Mills Fleet Farm–the upper Midwest’s leading big box retailer–Travis was the primary architect of the company’s global e-commerce business platform.

Sandi Servi

Director, Member Restoration Services

Sandi is a fun-loving person whose motto is “People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full miss the point. The glass is refillable.” Sandi is an avid Green Bay Packer and Wisconsin Badger fan and never misses a game! Family and friends are a priority in her life. She has a long history in member services working for J.I. Case, Modine Manufacturing, and partnering with her husband in their company for 20 years. She brought those years of client service experience to LibertyID three years ago and continues to be on the front line serving our members with empathy and dedication.

Paul Ferron

Vice President, Business Development

Every company needs that one person who can brighten the day and elicit an LOL with a witty remark or observation, and Paul is that person for LibertyID. Paul honed his consumer product development and marketing skills while working with companies like Procter & Gamble and Nestle. Paul has an undeniable knack for developing valuable, effective solutions to real problems. Armed with his passionate spirit, a deep wellspring of knowledge and a good dose of humor, Paul speaks nationally about identity theft, cyber security and data breach preparation and response.

Tom Ramsey

Chief Financial Officer

Tom was a victim of a startling identity theft incident involving a stolen car, firearms, and police. This experience highly motivated Tom to join LibertyID five years ago to help its members with peaceful resolution of their identity theft issues. Tom holds an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and an M.Sc. in accounting and finance from the London School of Economics and hopes that he isn’t as boring as all of that might seem. Prior to LibertyID, Tom held positions at Merrill Lynch and Mercer Investment Consulting.

David Goodlin

Director, Digital Marketing

David is known for potentially being the most casually dressed attendee in any meeting. An adventure seeking world traveler, lover of craft beer, homebrewer of 8 years, and a self-proclaimed amateur chef–he likes making people happy with ingestible items. David is committed to ensuring that our message about the devastation and solution to the identity theft challenge is portrayed in a professional and helpful manner. Prior to LibertyID, David managed a wide variety of projects spanning across all aspects of digital marketing including email marketing, search and social for Sports Authority, D.R. Horton, and STA Travel.

Todd Colston

Director, Measurement, Analysis and Insights

Todd enjoys many hobbies including cooking, brewing beer, movies, playing music, and spending time with friends. He has won many awards for his homebrew beer and is super proud to have recently won a meatball competition. Todd’s priority is making sure our cause reaches as many people as possible. Before LibertyID, his roles included digital marketing, project management, account management, website migration, website feature implementation, and user training in the digital sector.

Caramie Petrowsky

Director, Communication

Caramie is the voice of LibertyID, thoughtfully and clearly communicating with our members and community. When you read her blogs you will quickly get the feeling that you know her through her respectful tone and her in-depth research as she provides information that that will benefit LibertyID’s readers. Caramie is a skilled storyteller who has honed her craft at daily newspapers and marketing firms.

Gayle Momchilovich

Chief Administrative Officer

Gayle is a dog, car, and spreadsheet lover. While she also loves to eat, she has to admit that her husband does all of the cooking, having cooked only two meals herself during their many year marriage. Gayle focuses on keeping the operations behind the LibertyID scenes running smoothly allowing team members to focus on serving our members. She has an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Minnesota.