About LibertyIDThe LibertyID team is made up of dedicated, passionate professionals who are fully committed to identity theft restoration.

Know that you are covered by the best in the industry.

What’s the difference between "identity theft restoration” and "identity theft resolution"?

If your identity is stolen and you are signed up for one of our member plans, just one phone call to LibertyID results in your full identity theft restoration. This means that we will take care of everything for you. We’ll spend however much time it takes to manage the dozens of phone calls, hours of wait time, filing of documents, replacing any lost documentation, and every other detail that needs to be attended to. Our services are 100% guaranteed, which means you can rest easy that none of the burden will fall on your shoulders.

Other companies offer identity theft resolution—this only means they will guide you through the process of doing it yourself. The hard work is still 100% up to you.

With a combined experience of 25 years and a 100% success rate, the LibertyID team is here to help victims of identity theft get their lives back.