Be prepared with LibertyID.Identity theft happens all the time...
but what if it happens to you?

Identity theft wreaks havoc on a person’s life. When you become a LibertyID member, you’ll rest easy knowing that if your identity is ever stolen you’ll be able to fix it with just one phone call.

Are you at risk for identity theft?

Data Breach Victims

Someone already has your information—and they can pretend to be you.


What happens if your child’s identity is stolen? The risk is real—protect your family.


Retirees are a favorite target for identity theft. Put us in your corner before disaster strikes.

Small Business Owners

More than half a million small- to medium-sized businesses will shut down in 2017 because of cyber security breaches.

Credit monitoring services can help you keep an eye on credit report activity, but they can’t help protect your Social Security number. What’s more, credit monitoring can only alert you after your identity has already been compromised.

Hear Kimberly’s identity theft story and how LibertyID helped her avoid the stress, pain, and financial loss people normally suffer.

Think ahead, plan ahead.

If your identity is stolen, know that LibertyID has a 100% success rate for restoring identities, often within 30-45 days (versus the years it can sometimes take). You’ll make just one phone call to get it back.

*Our success rate for restoring stolen identities is 100 percent, often within just 30-45 days. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, we guarantee your money back on all LibertyID service fees. If you’re not completely satisfied, LibertyID will refund all subscription fees you paid as an active subscriber.

Are you a business owner or manager concerned about data breach, identity theft and the damage to your reputation?
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