Data Breach VictimsWhat’s the smartest thing you can do?
Assume your identity has already been stolen.

If you are among the millions of unlucky individuals who have been affected by the Equifax (or another company’s) data breach, you are at serious risk for identity theft.

See what has to happen in order to get your identity back

A data breach or an ID-theft event can be a lifelong problem that may affect you long into the future and in ways you likely weren’t warned about. The emotional and psychological turmoil is far greater than the financial impact. A high percentage of identity theft victims report stress, anxiety, lack of focus, and sleep disturbances—even job loss or divorce.

It’s important to note that credit monitoring services can’t prevent identity theft from happening. It used to be that just 1 in 9 victims of a data breach had the hacked info used against them. Now the odds are 1 in 3.

Once it’s been stolen, your identity can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to fully restore. With a LibertyID plan, you can protect yourself against those costs starting at only $199/year.

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Identity theft is not a “wait-and-see” issue. The risk is real.
Take action today.

For just a few extra dollars each year, you can cover your spouse, children, parents, and in-laws too.

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