"My name is Michelle C. I am from Colorado, and this is my story..."

Michelle's Testimonial

“I lost my wallet on a Friday but did not realize I had lost it until Saturday morning.

At first, I was mad at myself when I discovered that I’d lost my wallet, but I made sure to call LibertyID right away.

I called them on a Saturday morning and was not expecting to hear back from them until Monday, but much to my surprise I received a message back on Saturday that LibertyID received my notification of a lost wallet and not to worry that they would set up monitoring of my information.

I never felt overly concerned because I have so much confidence in LibertyID’s protection.

The emotions I experienced were anger at myself and then relief once I spoke to Sandi at LibertyID. Sandi was incredibly helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Being compromised – so far – has not impacted my day to day life, but I did have to go through the hassle of canceling my credit cards and getting a new license.

Sandi set me up on LibertyID’s monitoring system and notified the credit bureaus of possible suspicious activity. I have the utmost faith in Sandi and LibertyID, so I haven’t spent a lot of time worrying.

I was a Lifelock member for ten plus years before switching to LibertyID.

The one time I needed to use LifeLock, they were incredibly painful to deal with, and honestly no help at all.

Sandi at LibertyID is an incredible resource and is a real asset. Sandi’s knowledge, kindness, and empathy made the process of reporting my lost wallet so smooth and comforting. Not to mention the follow up and continual communication – which has given me massive peace of mind.

I cannot say enough about the efficiency, knowledge, high customer service and care I have received from LibertyID. I felt like I was talking to a family member whom I knew had my best interest at heart.

Now that the process is complete I feel extremely confident that my accounts, credit, and identity are being watched by LibertyID and that I will be notified immediately if someone is trying to use my identity fraudulently. It is such a sense of relief knowing that I am prepared and protected.

LibertyID is a company that genuinely cares about their clients best interest, which is so refreshing in today’s world of automated craziness. In fact, I had the flu for the first three days after my wallet was lost and I had a sweet voicemail from Sandi each day wanting me to call her back to set up the actions for protecting my identity…no company does that anymore.

In conclusion, I want to say that everybody should sign up with LIbertyID! The peace of mind and the service you receive should your identity ever be compromised is worth every penny! Call now and sign up!

Thank you LibertyID for caring, for being so professional and knowledgeable!”

– Michelle

PS: I have signed up my entire family and many of our employees as an extra benefit.

*To protect the identity and anonymity of the victim we use stock images and first names only, but these are real stories from real LibertyID clients.

  • "Communication from LibertyID was terrific, they are very courteous, thoughtful, sympathetic, and reassuring. My name is Linda F. I am from Wisconsin and I was a victim of a Facebook scam…"
    Linda F.
  • "Working with LibertyID allowed me to get relief, and feel like I’d regained some of the control. My name is Sarah. When I found out I remember feeling frustrated and that my life was out of control…"
  • When I received a bill from Verizon Wireless in my name, I was perplexed, as I have a different carrier. When I realized that someone had stolen my identity I was angry and scared. Thank God for LibertyID! Not only were they extremely kind and assuring, they knew what to do and they fixed the situation immediately.
    Hope M.