"Hello! My name is Sarah, and I was a victim of identity theft."

Sarah's Testimonial

“When I found out I remember feeling very frustrated and that my life was out of my control – which made me very angry. Having your identity stolen is very time consuming, and it changed my day-to-day life so much that I felt like I had taken on a part-time second job…it was hard to get help.

Working with LibertyID allowed me to get relief, and feel like I’d regained some of the control. Communication from LibertyID throughout the process was terrific, I am delighted with the service I received.

If you’re not prepared I urge you to sign up with LibertyID, it is 100% worth it – and I’ve told all my friends and family that this is something that they cannot live without. The risk is REAL, and it CAN happen to you – so make sure you’re prepared, you’ll thank yourself.”

*To protect the identity and anonymity of the victim we use stock images and first names only, but these are real stories from real LibertyID clients.

  • "I cannot say enough about the efficiency, knowledge, high customer service and care I have received from LibertyID. My name is Michelle C. I am from Colorado and I lost my wallet on a Friday…"
    Michelle C.
  • "Communication from LibertyID was terrific, they are very courteous, thoughtful, sympathetic, and reassuring. My name is Linda F. I am from Wisconsin and I was a victim of a Facebook scam…"
    Linda F.
  • “As a dental practice with electronic protected health information on our patients, we are concerned about the possibility of a data breach. With the assistance of LibertyID for Small Business we have tools for both pre-breach planning and post-breach response. We are pleased that LibertyID for Small Business also extends identity theft restoration services to our staff members and their entire families...they got a little nervous after Dr. Seubert was attacked. I can't thank you enough.....we are still able to get credit and live life normally. This could have been a real nightmare...we will always have this great coverage.”
    Cindy S.