"Hello, my name is Greg L. I am from California, and I was a victim of identity theft."


Let’s say that I was scared and angry – I felt violated and was in a complete panic.

I didn’t think someone can get my information because I didn’t buy things online often or use a Credit card that often,  BUT people out there will steal from you, and having your identity stolen is horrible.

I was preoccupied with the concern that whoever stole my information was using it, and was going to create many accounts in my name and attempt who knows what!  Fear of ruined credit, the financial burden on my family, and of course – stress. Not to mention the fact that I thought that I could be found and that they could potentially physically harm my family and me.

The quick action taken by LibertyID helped calm my nerves – Sandi was great!!

I would absolutely recommend LibertyID! It is a valuable thing to have in your back pocket.. When you need help, it’s great to know someone is there to give you the attention you need.

Now that the process is complete I feel 100% more secure and know that if anything like this happens again, I will be taken care of.

– Greg L., California

*To protect the identity and anonymity of the victim we use stock images and first names only, but these are real stories from real LibertyID clients.