"My name is Corrine. I'm from Wisconsin and I was a victim of identity theft."

It all started with a trip to my mailbox where I found a bill for $200 worth of perfume that was purchased using my information but was shipped to somewhere in New Jersey. I had a flood of emotions that hit me all at once. At first it was disbelief – how did this happen. Then it moved to feeling violated and scared – who had my information and how was it going to be used again? Then I was just angry!

I started the process of making calls and when I called my bank, they told me that they “had this.” They had LibertyID identity theft restoration services in place for all their depositors! I was so relieved that I wouldn’t have to continue on my own, that there was someone out there who knew how to handle the situation.

With one call I was assigned to the most wonderful restoration advocate who immediately knew what steps needed to be taken and completed them for me.

To this day I am still afraid to get the mail, but now I know thanks to my local bank that I have LibertyID in place if anything should happen again.

To protect the identity and anonymity of the victim we use stock images and first names only, but these are real stories from real LibertyID clients.