My name is Justin S. from California and I was a victim of identity theft…

Justin S.

“I had someone open a Southern California Edison utility account in my name.  My credit score dropped by 100 points. I was so angry and frustrated!  It felt like no one cared to help which only added to my frustration level.

I had signed up for LibertyID Restoration Services about a year and a half ago when Equifax had their data breach.  That was a great decision – one call to LibertyID and they assigned an advocate to me.

My advocate knew how to get Edison to respond and remove the fraudulent account out of my name. With me, they just ignored it and put me through hoops.  What a relief it was to have this off my plate and have my credit score correct!

I would recommend LibertyID – being a victim of identity theft is a hard process to navigate through by yourself!”

*To protect the identity and anonymity of the victim we use stock images and first names only, but these are real stories from real LibertyID clients.