Collaboration Between IT and the Leadership Team?

The influx of artificial intelligence is transforming the business world, making it easier and less expensive to do business. Unfortunately, the increased digital connectivity is also putting businesses at greater risk of their having a data breach. Your organization’s leadership may believe that because IT isn’t their expertise, that it isn’t their place to work with the IT department.  But this is far from the truth.

Here is a critical question that each organization should be asking itself:  how does leadership affect the creation of our cybersecurity plan? Some say that there are two types of leaders when it comes to this question:  transactional and transformational. A transactional leader is one who is afraid of change. Transactional leaders are more focused on day to day operations striving to introduce the least amount of disruption to that flow. On the other hand, a transformational leader is proactive. They are not afraid to change things in an organization to ensure the best outcome, efficiency, and security of the organization. A transformational leader is focused on the long-term future of the organization rather than being solely focused on the immediate future.

What is needed in an organization if it hopes to be successful in keeping the firm secure is a transformational leader. This is the type of person that admits that they don’t have expertise in the IT area but that they do have the desire to learn from those who are in that field. When the organization’s leader makes the effort to learn while forming a relationship with the IT department, that can help to ease potential communication blocks. The field of IT has extensive jargon that may intimidate others, but the more that the leader talks with IT, the easier the process will get.

When there is communication, there is also collaboration. It’s essential for the leadership of an organization to stay close with the IT department because a lack of communication could sacrifice the livelihood of the organization. Collaboration could also mean that each department is open to sharing their creative ideas on how to keep the organization more secure.

The leadership of your company may not feel that it’s necessary to work closely with the IT team because they are not the experts in that field, but as the threat to small and medium sized businesses increases, so too should the collaboration between leadership and IT.

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