Blanket Identity Theft Restoration Coverage

Adds Value to Existing Products and Services

LibertyID is the leader in identity theft restoration having restored the identities of tens of thousands of individuals without fail.

Now you can cover your customers, employees or members with the exact same “white glove” service and add value to your product, service, or relationship – at a fraction of our retail price – without their having to do any enrollment!

Here’s how it works

You tell us how many individuals (or families) you want to cover.

Tell us when you would like coverage to start and pay your first invoice.

Your designated group is covered!

No enrollment | No file sharing
We have no direct communication with your group – until they need us

Millions of Americans have their identity stolen or compromised every year. Trying to recover from identity theft by yourself can be nearly impossible.

With LibertyID Enterprise – you can provide a valuable service to your group – and solve the fastest growing crime in America – identity theft.

LibertyID provides one of the most comprehensive identity theft programs available today.

We understand the anxiety that identity theft creates for victims, and we are committed to providing our customers with the help they need to address their identity fraud and restore their identity to its rightful status. Our dedicated Restoration Specialists work on the victim’s behalf with the necessary entities to dispute and resolve the issues.

We handle the follow-ups, paperwork, and phone calls, so your group members don’t have to.

You can’t prevent identity theft, and no one else can either.

Less than 17% of identity thefts trigger a credit monitoring alert. The most serious forms of identity theft, such as medical identity theft and IRS tax return theft, will not be revealed by credit report monitoring.

By providing LibertyID Fully Managed Identity Theft Restoration Services through our LibertyID Enterprise Service Coverage, you can say “We got that – we have you covered”…building trust and retention and differentiating you from the competition.

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