Your Personal Information Was Stolen Four Times in 2019 – What to Do?

Breach after breach has led us to become numb to the news of more data breaches. But all of these data breaches have done something that is truly devastating… expose Americans to the very high possibility of the terrible effects of an identity theft incident. 

Unfortunately, when you agreed to use an online platform or service, you have willingly given your personal data away. This means the replica of the data that you shared with these companies is no longer yours, and whatever may then happen to that data is out of your hands. 

If the company you voluntarily shared your personal data with mishandles your data, you could be exposed to an identity theft incident. In fact, it was recently found that in 2019, nearly all Americans had their personal data stolen four times on average! 

What makes these data breaches so infuriating is that, as Americans, we entrust these companies to safeguard our information to the highest extent in exchange for our use of their platforms or services. But, in so many cases, we end up losing in the long run. So, should you no longer  interact with companies that need your information? That’s an impossible feat, so, no.  

There are two things that can be done to limit your exposure of having to deal with an identity theft incident resulting from the aftermath of these major data breaches. The first thing that you can do is to limit the information that you share with companies, which is a preventative measure. The second thing that you can do is to have a plan in place that will allow an expert to handle and correct the mess, rather than you having to try to do it all. Your having a plan in place will prevent major headaches and save time that would otherwise be stolen away from work and your family. If you choose the right company for such a plan, the identity theft restoration problems can be resolved much faster than if you did it on your own. 

LibertyID provides expert, full service, fully managed identity theft restoration to individuals, couples, extended families* and businesses. LibertyID has a 100% success rate in resolving all forms of identity fraud on behalf of our subscribers. 

*Extended families – primary individual, their spouse/partner, both sets of parents (including those that have been deceased for up to a year), and all children under the age of 25