Yahoo Discloses More Details Regarding Epic Hack

In September, Yahoo announced a breach that affected upwards of 500 million customers.

The user info, which was stolen back in late 2014, included names, email addresses and answers to security questions.

Earlier this month, on Nov. 9, Yahoo disclosed the culprits may have planted software cookies for ongoing access to users’ accounts:

“Forensic experts are currently investigating certain evidence and activity that indicates an intruder, believed to be the same state-sponsored actor responsible for the security Incident, created cookies that could have enabled such intruder to bypass the need for a password to access certain users’ accounts or account information,” Yahoo said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the story and detailed in the filing, there have been 23 lawsuits filed on behalf of Yahoo users claiming they were harmed by the hack.

Read more about the story online in this Yahoo! Tech story.

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