Warnings Signs That Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Nearly 60 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft, and to nobody’s surprise, millions more will fall victim, too. Unfortunately, so many victims don’t learn of the crime that has been perpetrated on them until much later because some of the most detrimental forms of identity theft cannot be tracked with monitoring services.

Debt Collectors are Calling You

You are making payment on all of your debts, from your car note to your internet service, but why are you receiving calls from debt collectors claiming that you owe them money? Well, this is a sure sign that someone has used your identity to receive a service with no intention of paying for it.

Unusual Bills Appear in Your Mailbox

You may be tempted to throw out those notices for overdue payments that arrive in the mail that you don’t recognize, but don’t ignore those. In this case, those pesky envelopes could potentially point to a larger problem with your identity – someone may have stolen your identity. 

Mail or Emails Stop Coming

Or on the contrary, if you stop receiving mail or emails relating to certain expenses, this could also be a sign of identity theft. Sometimes, thieves will steal your identity and to prevent you from catching them, they will change the address to which your bills and bank statements are sent. If you’re expecting a bill or bank statement in the mail but haven’t received it, follow up with the company directly to see what address they had sent it to. Make sure that their record of you address is still your own home rather than somewhere else.

You’ve Been Told You Have Already Filed a Tax Return

You would think that criminals would do all they can to avoid filing taxes, but shockingly, they’ll even steal your identity to file your tax return. Criminals will use your personal information to file fraudulent taxes to ultimately get a tax return from the United States government. One way you may find out that this has happened to you is by your receiving a notice from the IRS that you’ve already filed your taxes or received a refund, when in fact, you haven’t. 

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