Travel Tips to Minimize Your Data Footprint Without Compromising Your Vacation

We all get excited for summer vacations! It’s a time when the family can be together and explore the world. The last thing you’re thinking about while you’re abroad is identity theft. Companies are collecting data about you without your knowledge, legally. Here are a few ways to minimize your data footprint without compromising your family vacation.

Using free, public WiFi networks can be exceptionally dangerous. Always use a VPN, virtual private network, when traveling. Without one, any private, unencrypted data you send may be accessed and read without your knowledge, even if the network has a password. Using a VPN will keep your data secure by encrypting the connection to any website, thus preventing network speedy scouts from stealing your information.

Smart hotels are becoming popular as technology advances; Marriott and Hilton are the first to bring the “smart home” concept to your hotel room. Interacting with a virtual assistant to set alarms, order room service, and turn on the shower may be great, but what about the data that the hotels are collecting on you? The University of Delaware found that this technology isn’t risk-free. It makes you more vulnerable to malicious attacks and data breach. Choose to opt out of the smart room to minimize risk.

There may be an unexpected place(s) that companies may be collecting information from, such as your rental car. Rental car companies are equipping their vehicles with a device called an event data recorder, EDR; they are like an airplane’s black box. EDR’s collect information on the vehicle’s systems, location, and operator driving behavior. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do anything about EDR data as it is collected in real time, but not all cars have them. If your rental car has GPS, try to delete the GPS history before you return the vehicle.

Security of your private information is important, that’s why you must be informed and take precautions when traveling. Nothing can be done to fully safeguard yourself from a data breach and identity theft, and although some of these precautions may seem severe, they will help preserve the integrity of your most private information.

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