Thief Uses 4-Year-Old’s Identity to Open Victoria Secret Card

A Washington state mom is putting her financial life back together after having her identity stolen.

Two years ago burglars stole a laptop from the family’s home. The computer contained sensitive information, like social security numbers and dates of birth, which the thief then used to open charge accounts at Macy’s and Kohl’s just by entering Renae Topham’s social security number.

The thief even opened a credit account at Victoria’s Secret in the name of Topham’s 4-year-old daughter.  

“She’s 4. She probably doesn’t have a lot of need for Victoria Secret at this point but apparently she has their card,”  Topham told the reporter.

The Tophams aren’t the only folks who were victimized. Police say the thief, alleged to be Kimberlee Lines, has visited stores in at least two counties. She racks up thousands of dollars in merchandise, all while pretending to be someone else and using their credit cards.

The report includes a video with footage of Lines checking out at Macy’s and then leaving in a red pick-up truck.

Read the whole story here and watch the video. 

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Image: Unsplash