Security Tips for the Beginning of 2020

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade. Along with that new beginning, it’s a good time to take steps that will make you safer when using tech and exploring the internet.

We all love to take photos, but we usually take so many photos in an attempt to get that one perfect shot, and we tend to never delete the ones that didn’t make the cut. This practice can take up a lot of usable space on your devices. As a helpful hint, begin the new year by taking some time to free up space on your devices by deleting unnecessary, unwanted photos.

The holidays likely brought to someone in your house a new device which means the old one should be recycled or sold. Before you do that, though, make sure that the device has been completely wiped clean to prevent the next owner from stealing any of your personal information that may still be residing on the old device.

Relating to the potential of your personal information being stolen, it would be tragic if you sent a document that you’ve signed to someone on a platform that hasn’t been encrypted. Instead of electronically signing a PDF document and emailing it, it’s safer to sign documents on a platform specifically designed to keep those documents safe in transit. Use a platform that uses end-to-end encryption and where the website is secure, too. Look for https: in the URL bar to ensure its security.

Lastly, 2020 is a special year, but it can be bad, too, if you don’t protect yourself. The year 2020 can be abbreviated when writing the date as x/x/20, but doing this puts you at risk for all sorts of problems because whoever has access to documents where you wrote the date that way can either backdate them as x/x/2007 or future date them as x/x/2024. So, to prevent something like this, always write the year out whole as “2020.”

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