‘Password-Challenged’ People Skip Steps to Protect Themselves Online

A new Pew Research Center report corroborates what many already know when it comes to passwords: It’s hard to keep track of all the different passwords we’re tasked with creating and as such, we use either the same password or similar passwords across a variety of websites.

In fact, 39 percent of online adults report having a hard time keeping track of their passwords, which Pew dubs the “password challenged group.”

This password challenged group are more likely to use passwords that are less secure so they can remember them (41 percent versus 14 percent among people who are comfortable managing their myriad passwords). They are also more likely to use the same or similar passwords 45 percent versus 36 percent).

Recent Pew Research Center survey data has found that nearly two thirds of U.S. adults have fallen victim to some type of data theft or fraud. As a result, they have little to no confidence that key institutions — even governmental institutions — and businesses can be trusted with their data.

Despite their previous bad experiences and lack of faith, Americans still don’t follow digital security best practices.

Age does seem to be a factor. For more on that, visit the report here.


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