One Way To See If You Were Included In A Data Breach

Interested in seeing if your information was leaked in a data breach? Here’s how to check if your accounts are at risk and what to do next.

Data breaches have become a fact of life. We hear about them every day, no matter what industry we’re in or where we live. Data breaches strike individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and large companies alike.

IBM estimates that the average cost of a data breach in 2022 for companies was $4.35 million, with 83% of organizations experiencing one or more security incidents.

However, the millions of dollars corporations spend to repair damaged systems, perform cyber-forensics, improve defenses, and deal with the legal ramifications of a data breach don’t convey the full cost felt by customers — who aren’t just financially impacted.

For individuals, the cost of cybercrime can be more personal. Although financial damage is a factor, victims may face targeted phishing campaigns and social engineering schemes that aim to steal their identities.

Here’s what happens when your information is breached and how you can protect yourself.

When your personal information is compromised, your service provider will typically alert you through email or letters.

However, it can often take weeks or months before companies get back to you — if at all. Unfortunately, many organizations still place secrecy over consumer protection in a bid to hush up incidents and protect their reputations.

It is up to you to keep an eye on the news for any recently disclosed data breaches.

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