If Your Mail Stops Arriving, Your Identity May Have Been Stolen

In Jenks, Oklahoma, someone stole Russ and Stephanie Spry’s identity, opening up four credit cards totaling $30,000 in credit. According to this terrifying story from ktul.com, the ABC affiliate in Tulsa, the couple had no idea until their mail suddenly stopped showing up in the box outside their home. Turns out the thief put a hold on their mail so the couple wouldn’t see the new credit cards arriving and catch on to the scheme.

“There were four different credit cards that somebody had opened in my name,” Stephanie said. “And it was almost $30,000 worth of lines of credit.”

While the article mentions prevention tactics, like shredding your mail, the fact remains there are dozens of ways thieves can steal your identity. Plus “once you’ve been defrauded, you’re always at risk for another attack.” The takeaway from journalist Ryan Braschler who covered the incident?

“It’s best to pay a little bit now for fraud protection, rather than a lot more down the road,” he writes.

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Image: Pexels