Fraudulent Starbucks Gift Card Purchases First Sign of Real-Life Identity Theft

The first sign that Angela Underwood’s identity had been compromised came as a charge on her Macy’s credit card.

“I noticed that Starbucks gift cards were getting charged to my credit card,” she said. “I hardly ever used the card, but I had purchased my husband some suits with that card because of the discount.”

Angela assumed she could remedy the situation with a quick phone call.

“When I received the statement, I called them immediately,” she said.

The credit card company closed the account but Angela kept getting statements in the mail that showed interest and penalties accruing. And the credit card company kept sending her new credit cards.

“Then they started calling and harassing me regularly,” she recalled.

It was a nightmare, pure and simple, and Angela wasn’t sure where to turn.

When she applied for new HVAC and found out she was limited in what she could qualify for because her credit score had taken a hit, she was dumbfounded.

“We have impeccable credit. That was the final straw,” she said.

Thankfully LibertyID stepped in and took over, Angela said.

Angela was assigned a personal restoration advocate who, using a limited power of attorney, was able to start repairing the damage while still keeping Angela in the loop.

“They were on it immediately and handled everything,” she said. “They totally took over the process for me and handled everything with Macy’s, which greatly reduced my stress.  I would highly recommend having this service. Identity theft is horrible but dealing with the credit card companies is a nightmare. Having LibertyID was a lifesaver!”

While the process did take some time, everything was resolved.

“Now my credit is back to perfect and no more calls from Macy’s,” Angela said.

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Image: Pixabay