Four Reasons Why You Need Identity Theft Restoration Services

“A new data breach has just been discovered that has affected 100 million Americans.” “Hackers have gained access to the names, addresses, date of birth, and last four digits of consumers’ Social Security numbers.” These types of news headlines have become all too familiar over the last decade, and they’re only going to become more common. As you can see by the headlines, there is nothing you can do to prevent a data breach because it’s companies that are being targeted, and unfortunately you are required to give certain information before you can receive services from these companies. All that you can do to protect yourself is to enroll in a fully managed identity theft restoration service; experts will then handle the aftermath of an identity theft incident, so you don’t have to do that heavy lifting. Here are some reasons why you need identity theft restoration services…

1. Threats are everywhere and virtually unstoppable.

Things are not as simple as they were at the beginning of the century when technology had its first boom. Now, there are threats of having your data exposed everywhere, and unfortunately, those threats are not in your control – the threats are to companies to which you’ve already given your information that should be expected to keep your information safe. When you look at it in a pragmatic way, it’s easy to see that no matter what precautions you take, there’s nothing that you can do to stop an identity theft incident because these companies’ IT departments have to be right every single time when it comes to securing the data they have, yet the hackers have to be right only once.

2. Identity theft is a bigger problem than your just credit.

Many people have come to believe that identity theft is credit card theft, but that is far from the truth. Some of the most damaging types of identity theft cannot be tracked with a credit monitoring service and can leave your life in shambles once you eventually find out about the incident. Two types of identity theft that cannot be monitored and can be life-altering are medical identity theft and tax fraud. The effects of these two types of identity theft can take years to resolve if you attempt the effort on your own.

3. Once a monitoring service has detected a problem, it’s already too late.

Identity theft monitoring is all the rage these days because people believe that it will protect you, but what are you really paying for? Let’s look at monitoring like a smoke detector in your house…this smoke detector is in your bathroom and nowhere else in the house, especially the places that it’s most likely to help you, like the kitchen. When this bathroom smoke detector alerts you that there is smoke present, it’s too late to prevent that fire. Just like the smoke detector in your bathroom, monitoring services only look at parts of your identity, but they cannot monitor the parts that are more likely to have a serious issue, like IRS tax fraud or your medical identity.

4. Restoration and resolution services are very different. 

Companies that are offering credit monitoring are also offering a service called identity theft resolution. They are misleading consumers into believing that the service provider will take care of the problem if anything were to happen to the customer’s identity. In fact, resolution services are not very much help. The company will send you a kit to tell you how to fix your own identity – like you have time for that! If you try to fix your own identity theft situation, you need to paint a story of what happened, advocate on your own behalf, and even take time off from work to do all of this since the agencies that you’ll have to deal with only operate during working hours. It may take weeks to even years for you to restore your own identity if you go to that effort on your own.  But why would you take on the burden of such an important job?

In contrast, restoration services will do all of the work for you. They will call on all relevant agencies and institutions to prove the innocence of the victim. That means that you’re going to have peace of mind as a victim that things are being done right on your behalf. It also means you won’t have lost wages from the time that you would otherwise have to spend away from work, fixing a problem that you didn’t cause, because you fell for the play on words that made you believe that you were really covered by the vendor’s service.

The bottom line is that there’s really no better time than the present to become a LibertyID member for identity theft restoration protection. Our extended family plan covers the member, their spouse/partner, the member and spouse’s/partner’s parents and their children. We’re the experts at identity theft restoration, offering a 100% guaranteed identity theft restoration service. But, you have to get covered before there’s an incident. When you sign up for LibertyID, you’re covering yourself and your family from the fallout of identity theft and the potentially hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars lost due to identity theft.