Data Breaches Unsettle Americans, Especially Men

Are you unnerved by the sheer number of data breaches that have occurred in the last year alone?

You’re certainly not alone.

Cloud-based encryption company Alertsec released findings from its Brand Perception Study that reveal significant concerns among consumers, including negative brand perception.

Ninety seven percent of those surveyed said they find the breaches unsettling. Moreover, customers (especially men) affected by a breach report losing significant trust in the company responsible.

Nearly one in three Americans surveyed (1,200 folks in this instance) said it would take a few months to begin trusting a company again following a breach, while 17 percent of men and 11 percent of women said their trust would be permanently lost.

When they learn of a breach, 67 percent of those surveyed say they check to see if their information or identity has been compromised, and 35 percent worry about their information.

Alertsec’s CEO weighed in on the matter:

“This is no surprise to me,” said Ebba Blitz, CEO of Alertsec. “People’s personal information is, in many ways, the key to their financial and psychological well-being. When a company has allowed their customers’ data to fall into the hands of criminals, the resulting lack of trust is difficult to repair.”

Read more about the results of the study.

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