Brands that are Disproportionately Targeted Will Put You at Risk

Businesses are becoming all too familiar with the threat of being attacked in this time of enhanced use of online services. Some services are attacked more often than are others, and unfortunately, the attacks on these services will ultimately affect consumers in the end.

The goal of an attack on a business is to gain access to sensitive information that can be used for financial gain. So, if you start to think like a criminal, you can see that choosing to target companies that have a lot of customers could be a huge pay day for the criminal if they successfully hack into those companies’ systems.

A recent study performed by a cybersecurity company found that there are a few companies that are most likely to get hacked because of their client base. If you are using Netflix, Spotify, or Xbox, it’s more likely that you will become a victim of a data breach because these three companies are disproportionately targeted for their data. Hackers will target larger brands in order to steal the information on those brands’ customers and to prove their skills in the hacking field.

So, what does this mean for you as a consumer of these services? Well, honestly, there isn’t much that you can do to prevent your information from being leaked, and there definitely isn’t anything that you can do to prevent the service provider from exposing your information. The only thing you can do is to realize is that, of course, no service provider would intentionally expose your personal information, but such a data breach is becoming a common thing because hackers are so skilled at infiltrating these systems. Therefore, you must have a plan in place that would manage the outfall if you were to have an identity theft incident from one of these data breaches. That’s where LibertyID can help. They are the leading provider of fully managed restoration services when it comes to your identity. They recognize that restoring your own identity can take hundreds of hours away from your life, so they take on the burden of restoring your identity for you.

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