Back to School Safety for New Devices

Labor Day is usually the day that officially marks the end of summer for kids and college students who are going back to school. Many students have equipped themselves with new devices for the coming school year. Before you allow your student to connect to the internet on the new device, here are a few security protocols to ensure their safety.

When you get a new device, one of the first things that needs to be done is to set up the device. This includes password protecting the new device. Every device should be password protected to ensure that any information stored on that device, like banking information or confidential notes, is not exposed if the physical device were to be misplaced or stolen.

Next, the device needs an extra layer of protection. That means that some sort of antivirus software needs to be installed. Keeping your antivirus software up-to-date is essential, too. Most updates on software are released for usage because there has been a vulnerability in the software that could be potentially exploited. Be sure to opt for automatic updates on all software, especially your device’s antivirus software.

Lastly, before your returning student is allowed to access the internet, enable controls on all internet browsers that will ensure their safety. Depending on the web browser, there are parental controls that will restrict the type of websites that are allowed to be visited. This can prevent your student from sharing any sensitive information about themselves to malicious characters or phishing websites.

These three steps need to be taken seriously to ensure the online safety of your student before they are allowed to use the new device. Then and only then is the device truly equipped for use. Take these extra steps before handing the device off to your eager and curious child.

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