Are Tech Doorbells Really That Helpful?

A new tech device that claims to make your home safer has become very popular over the last few years – a video camera doorbell. The most popular brand of this device is Ring which is owned by Amazon. All of these new doorbell devices work by detecting when there is motion in front of your home doorway where the device is mounted. Then the device will send a notification to your devices like your phone, tablet, and computer that someone is there at the door. One of the best features of these security doorbells is that you can see, hear, and speak to visitors to your home from wherever you may be located which can be anywhere in the world.

In retrospect, you can gather that using one of these doorbells is not only convenient but can also have the potential to protect your home. On the website of one of these doorbell companies, they even claim that this technology can help with the prevention and prosecution of crimes. Some claim that it stops criminals in their tracks when they see one of these doorbells because they know they are on camera. “Today I was able to show the police a video of a package that was stolen right off my doorstep. This experience alone paid for the doorbell.”

Most of these claims are made about theft of packages but some even claim that it can be helpful when it comes to more serious crimes. However, an investigation by NBC has found that these types of doorbells are not as useful to police investigations than one might think. Although Ring, the Amazon-owned company, has partnered with 700 law enforcement agencies to “work together for safer neighborhoods,” there has been limited success.

Of the agencies that partnered with the tech company, only one-third of them had made arrests on the basis of the footage from the doorbell. There are some theories on why this technology has provided such meager success, but for the most part, it could be that police officers just don’t have the resources to review the footage from these cameras as they collect so much information, from the squirrel in the nearby tree to the mailman delivering your mail to your home.

In addition to the thin results with the police, consumers now have to worry about what the tech company is doing with the data that is collected from the security doorbells. Recently, there was a data breach of the data that was collected from these camera doorbells. That alone is leaving some device owners uneasy with the idea of even having one.

Although these new devices are helpful when it comes to seeing who’s at your door wherever you are in the world, they may not be as helpful as one may think. Remember, when you give a company permission to collect data from you, there is nothing that you can do to prevent that data from being leaked. Are you willing to take that risk?

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