Adobe Forced to Pay $1 Million Following 2013 Data Breach

Remember the epic 2013 Adobe data breach?

It was the one where a hacker stole encrypted credit card numbers and expiration dates. They also got away with names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and usernames of more than a half million consumers.

Yep, it was a biggie. And the settlement is quite large as well. 

It was announced Nov. 14, 2016 that Adobe Systems is paying $1 million to 15 states, as well as implementing new policies to prevent future data breaches.

In short, the case alleged Adobe didn’t use reasonable security measures to protect its systems and detect data hacks.

In the announcement posted on the North Carolina Department of Justice site, Attorney General Roy Cooper had this to say:

“Criminals and hackers are after our personal financial data and businesses and government must do more to protect it,” Cooper said. “If a data breach may have put your information at risk, act fast to protect it.”

The 15 states participating in the Adobe investigation and settlement include:

• Arkansas,

• Connecticut,

• Illinois,

• Indiana,

• Kentucky,

• Maryland,

• Massachusetts,

• Missouri,

• Minnesota,

• Mississippi,

• North Carolina,

• Ohio,

• Oregon,

• Pennsylvania,

• Vermont.

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