19,000 Delawareans Private Info Compromised in Data Breach

Around 19,000 people are affected by a data breach in Delaware. Two Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware subcontractors — Summit Reinsurance (SummitRe) Services, which provides underwriting and consulting reinsurance services to BCBS, and BCS Financial Corporation — were affected.

The data breach was a result of ransomware infecting a server.

According to a letter sent to those affected, the unauthorized access took place March 12, 2016 but the company didn’t discover it until Aug. 8, 2016. Consumers were informed of the breach on Jan. 4, 2017, nearly 10 months after the breach took place.

“The information contained on the affected server may have included your name, Social Security number, health insurance information, provider’s name, and/or claim-focused medical records containing diagnosis and clinical information.

The Commissioner of the Delaware Department of Insurance received “multiple consumer complaints” and has ordered an investigation into the breach. Commissioner Trinidad Navarro and issued a statement:

“I have directed my staff to closely monitor the situation as it develops. Many Delawareans have received mailed correspondence from SummitRe explaining the breach. Unfortunately we fear that many may have misinterpreted or inadvertently discarded the letter as some form of a sales ad (due to the fact that they had not purchased any line of insurance from SummitRe).

Delaware Online covered the story here.

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Image: Pixabay