Technologies That Can Cause Data Breaches

We have all become aware of the newest crime hitting the [internet] streets, data breach. Equifax, Experian, Facebook, Yahoo, and countless other large corporations have experienced this crime and have suffered the unfortunate consequences of it, too. So, what exactly is a data breach and how does it happen?

A data breach is defined as a security indecent in which information is accessed without authorization. Usually, the information that is accessed is customer information that can help criminals to steal those customers’ identities down the road, for financial gain.

Data breach of an organization can happen in so many ways, but it has been most commonly linked to employees’ mishaps. Yes, the common saying is, “your employees are your most valuable assets,” but they can be your biggest liability, too, if you don’t train them on how they can inadvertently cause a data breach and the potential effects to the organization if something like that were to happen.

Certain technology platforms have made doing business much easier, but they have also made it easier for hackers to gain access to the sensitive information held by your company. Some of these technology platforms that can expose a business to data breach include:

  1. External email services
  2. Corporate email
  3. File sharing services
  4. Collaboration platforms
  5. Messaging apps

When you break it down, there is no way that your organization can fully prevent a data breach, especially since all the technologies that are likely to make the company more vulnerable are also important tools for the operation of the business. The only way to limit exposure is to educate employees on how each platform or tool might be used to breach the company and the potential risks if something like that were to happen.

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