Steps to Secure Your New Website

Creating a new website is an exciting step forward for your business, especially when you finally finish and are ready to launch. As the process nears the launch point it can be tempting to launch without thoroughly assessing the security of your new website. With all the marketing hype associated with your website launch, you may forget that if you collect any type of user information like email addresses, passwords, or phone numbers, you need to take precautions that will limit the possibility of a data breach. If you happen to lose any of your customers’ personal information, you could be subject to fines; some of those fines are large enough to completely destroy your company. So, why not get prepared? Here are a few things that should be addressed before launching your new website to ensure the most secure and reliable website experience for both your firm and your customers.

Choose a website host that is reliable.

A reliable website starts with a reliable host. It’s essential to do your research on the most reliable website hosts available. Hosting companies use cloud computing to reduce the overhead cost to website owners. With allowing a third party to have access to you and your customers’ information comes great trust; therefore, choose a host wisely.

Obtain an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate? It’s an acronym for secure sockets layer (SSL). In short, it is an encryption protocol that ensures all incoming and outgoing requests on your website have a minimum level of security. If you are going to be collecting any type of information of the visitors on your website, like email addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, or login credentials, you will need to obtain this certificate for security.

 Include a software firewall.

In the traditional sense, firewalls have always been used as protection for hardware devices, but over time, they have come to protect software as well. There are web-based firewalls that will help protect your company’s data and the information that your customers have provided. These firewalls will monitor incoming connections, and if something poses as a threat, the firewall will block the potential threat.

Remember, it’s essential to assess and address the security risk potentials before launching a new company website. Without addressing these security risks, your company could suffer a large loss.

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