Steps for Enhancing Security on a New Office Device

With the holidays just around the corner, computers and other electronic devices will soon be going on sale. It’s a great time to purchase new computers for the office if yours are outdated. Before you connect new devices to the internet, we recommend taking a few precautionary steps to secure your new office devices.

  1. Update firewall preferences on the new devices. Nearly all computers come with firewall software pre-installed. Although these preferences are usually secure for personal use, it’s important to review them for business use. You’re protecting not only your information but all your clients too, so it’s a good idea to beef up those firewall preferences.
  2. Install antivirus software on your new devices as this is essential to detecting malware on your devices as you use them. A surefire way to make sure you’re always getting the most up-to-date antivirus is to enable automatic updates on your antivirus software.
  3. While you’re at it, enable automatic updates on the software on your new devices. Firmware updates and other software updates are most often for security purposes. The software company will release a new security update when they have found a bug in the system that might allow someone access.
  4. Review your internet browser security settings. It might be of benefit to increase the security on your browsers like what can be downloaded without administrative access and the types of websites that can be accessed on that business computer.
  5. Create a game plan with the person(s) using that new device. Set rules and expectations on what can and cannot be done on that computer and remember the most effective way to implement these standards is through education. Teach your employees why certain security standards have been set.

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