Risky Business… Habits That Can Put Your Business at Risk

Most business owners have come to realize that data breach is something that cannot be prevented. The fact is that most data breaches are caused by employees’ human error or lack of education on the subject. There are a few habits that you, as a business owner, should look at to limit the potential for a data breach.

Although most employees are using computers to store sensitive information, like their passwords, many still use the old school style of using a post-it note to remember their passwords. This can be dangerous to a business because it affects the security of the information it harbors. If the wrong person sees that password, it will be very easy to tap into sensitive information stored on that computer or network. Instead, encourage your employees to use a password manager on their computer to store their passwords.

Similar to leaving a password on a post-it note near an office computer, leaving a computer unlocked is potential for serious havoc. When employees leave for the day, make sure that all computers are locked and turned off. When the computers and devices are turned off at the end of the day, it ensures that any uninvited person that may enter during the night will not have easy access to the information store on your business’s devices.

If your employees decide to work on their computers and other devices that store business information on them from a remote location, such as at a coffee shop or at the airport, it would be wise to educate the employees on the risks of using public Wi-Fi. When on public Wi-Fi, your employee can become susceptible to attack from hackers. The employee’s computer is easily detectible on the Wi-Fi network which can make it easy for hackers to access the information on their computer or the data that is being transmitted through the Wi-Fi. If your employee is working outside the office, encourage them to use their own Wi-Fi hotspot for a greater level of protection.

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