National Consumer Protection Week

This week is National Consumer Protection Week. As a business owner, you should be aware and up to date on how to keep your clients’ personal information as safe as possible to preclude a data breach and have a plan, if in the event something were to happen.

“We take your privacy seriously”, this is probably the most annoying statement that a customer can hear from a company, because more often than not, it’s an untrue statement. The protection of a customer’s information is less important than the money that the company can make from collecting it in the first place. Companies tend to be more afraid of having to tell their customers that their data has been stolen than they are about really protecting that data. Don’t be like most companies.

Your customers have rights when it comes to the security of the personal data that they provide to your company. The Attorney General in your state enforces the laws on how your company is supposed to treat a data breach. BUT you also need to be aware of the laws in every state in which your customers live because your company is subject to the laws in each of those states.

What can you do, as a small business owner? It starts with your creating a cybersecurity team as an important part of the organization from the get go rather than letting it become a thing only when your company has more money. Next, make sure that your clients know that cybersecurity and data privacy is important by showing them that they can help. This may look like an email with a phone number that they can call if your clients notice any security flaws.

Take time this week to assess how prepared your company is for a data breach. What steps have you taken to tighten your cybersecurity? And last, what is your plan if anything were to happen in the realm of cybersecurity at your company?


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