Mobile Security Risks That Are Threatening Your Company

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their attacks, and mobile devices are the hot target right now. There are a few seemingly innocent practices that employees might be doing with mobile devices that your company has provided to them. Here are a few to watch out for.

Often, in public places, there will be wi-fi that is available for free use, but you shouldn’t be so sure about the safety of the wi-fi. Criminals can put up wi-fi networks anywhere and make them look completely legitimate. When your employee connects to that wi-fi network, they have just put the entire company at risk. See, when the employee connects their mobile device, that your company owns, to this fraudulent network, the device can be accessed from another device. Hackers will see people connecting to their fraudulent network and start stealing the information that is harbored on the devices. Having access to one mobile device may not seem like a big deal, but please remember how much information is on that device. Do you want someone to be able to gain access to that information? We recommend enforcing a companywide policy that strictly prohibits an employee from connecting to any public wi-fi network.

Not only should employees be aware of the dangers of joining an unfamiliar wi-fi network, they should be aware of a new malicious text called SMiShing which is a form of text phishing. With email phishing, the criminals will send an email with the intent that you click on the link and provide personal information or login information. The way they do this is by making the website you clicked on look eerily like what you think you’ve clicked on, like your bank’s website. With SMS phishing, it’s just the same, but through a text message, like one you would get from a vendor or notice of payment through the bank. Be sure to train employees to keep a watchful eye for texts that they do not recognize because clicking a seemingly innocent link may lead to a data breach of your entire organization.

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