Common Causes of Data Breach

If you are a small business owner, by now, you’ve probably realized that data breach cannot be prevented. Even Fortune 100 companies and credit bureaus that have some of the best IT teams around still seem to have major data breaches. It’s time you look at potential causes for data breach.

Look at updating your company policy regarding outside devices and storage of customer data. If you store sensitive customer data, it’s wise to prohibit employee’s private computers to store that data, especially if it is not password protected and encrypted. The University of Michigan’s Michigan Medicine had a data breach of their patients because an employee had their laptop stolen out of their vehicle. Though the laptop had a password, none of the information on the laptop was encrypted, making it very easy to access and steal the patient’s private information. This could have been prevented if the company enforced a stricter policy on harboring unencrypted patient data.

Other causes of data breach can be innocent in nature and as simple as a clerical error. In Wisconsin, a company, Dean Health Plan, sent patients letters containing name and sensitive clinical information to the wrong addresses. This incident was due to an incorrect formatting on the file that held patient data but it made a big impact on the security of the data and reputation of the company.

The most common source of data breach happens through employees’ email accounts. These accounts contain a mountain of information including passwords for other accounts, private customer information, and email lists. A simple click on the wrong email can expose your entire company to data breach. Educate your employees on the signs of a phishing attack and how to properly protect their email accounts using strong passwords.

Even the most knowledgeable and prepared employees can make your company vulnerable to data breach, but there are steps to take to limit your exposure. The first step is gaining knowledge of how these attacks and leaks can happen. Second, train your employees to mitigate the problem in the first place. Last, have an action plan in place beforehand so if anything were to happen your company’s reputation and potential legal recourse is protected. That’s where we can help.

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