Cloud Security Threats Put Businesses at Risk

June is National Internet Safety Month, and though this designation is targeted towards consumers, it’s essential for businesses to assess the internet safety within their organization. We’ve all become accustomed to using the cloud since it makes doing business that much more simple. But with the ease of use, there also comes extreme threats to the security of your business.

Your company’s housing of information on your own network is hard enough to keep safe, but when you put it into the cloud, which is on another company’s network, it becomes especially hard since it is no longer in the hands of your security team. Cloud computing has made it easier for hackers to gain access to large amounts of sensitive data that would otherwise be much more difficult to access. The loss of control of your information when it is in the cloud is an important factor to remember when you weigh the decision to put your information in the cloud.

Along the lines of the increased risk of hackers gaining access to your company’s sensitive information, putting more of your business information in the cloud will also put your company at a greater risk for account hijackings. An account hijacking is not a new tactic when it comes to criminal activity, but cloud usage has certainly made hijacking easier. All of the company’s information is then in one place which makes it that much easier for criminals to access the totality of the company’s information. If your accounts were to be hijacked, what would you do? Would you pay the ransoms that are demanded of you? Would your business be shut down until you could figure out what to do? Do you have exhaustive realtime backups of all of your data? Your putting your company’s information on a platform that you cannot control puts your company at an increased risk for having sensitive information stolen or your accounts hijacked.

Although using the cloud has made doing business easier, the cloud is a factor that may be putting your business at risk for a data breach or account hijacking. Here is the best question that the company should consider: Is our using the cloud a risk that we are wise to take?

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