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Comprehensive Identity Theft Restoration, from the leader in Identity Restoration

Exclusively for MGM Resorts employees and their families

The average US family will experience identity theft within the next three years.
You protect your health, safety, and possessions.
But what about your identity?

Our Success Rate for

Restoring stolen identites is
100 percent,

often withing just 30-45 days.

comprehensive coverage
for your entire family

Millions of Americans experience identity fraud every year, but insurance companies don’t cover it. We do, and our team of experts has a 100 percent success rate in reversing the damage.

The moment you sign up for LibertyID, you and your family are covered. When your identity is stolen, a trained specialist will go to work immediately.

There is no limit to the time or money we will spend to restore your identity to pre-event status.

We’ve built our reputation on restoration.

people – not software

Contact the Social Security Administration, USPS, IRS, Dept. of Motor Vehicles, and other agencies, to reverse any wrongful information or transactions.
Submit disputes to credit card companies, banks, lending institutions, utility companies, cell phone carriers and more.
Research fraudulent transactions and false accounts with creditors, banks, utility companies, medical facilities, etc., and make sure all erroneous information is removed from your credit file.
We restore your identity to pre-event status.

Fully managed identity theft restoration

there when you need it most

Best Protection

Extended Family Plan

Membership includes you, your spouse/partner, your parents, your parents-in-law, and your children

$299 yearly

$129 yearly

Couple Plan

Membership for you and your spouse/partner

$249 yearly

$99 yearly

Single Plan

Single-person membership

$199 yearly

$79 yearly