Cyber Security and Data Breach


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to WDA members is substantial

The Risk

We probably don’t have to tell you just how damaging a data breach can be to a dental practice – nearly every day we read about another breach, another fine, another tragedy in the news.

Today’s practice must have basic security and basic cyber liability insurance to minimize the impact of a security breach and data loss or exposure. But – insurance alone – is not nearly enough.

A small dental practice is a more attractive target for thieves than a Fortune 500 company.

Data security is not about a router or a firewall – every data breach is caused by human error. Don’t let the bad guys ruin everything you’ve worked for.

The Solution

LibertyID restores the identities of the victims of identity theft. Unlike all other services – LibertyID is a full service, fully managed guaranteed service. LibertyID fixes damaged identities.

LibertyID has a data breach solution specifically for small dental practices by providing the most comprehensive solution to the fallout from a data breach and identity theft – a program developed for dentists.

LibertyID for Small Business includes fully managed identity theft restoration for all practice employees and your patients – should you ever have a breach.* Furthermore, valuable pre-breach planning tools and expert post-breach regulatory compliance and consulting are provided.

*see service agreement for coverage

The Savings

The Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance and Services Corporation has negotiated a very substantial discount for all WDA members.

A small dental practice (under 5 employees) pays only $139/per month (retail price is $500/per month) for this comprehensive and proactive cyber security service.

Act now to lock in this amazing price, cover your family, your employees, and your practice. Coverage begins immediately, cancel at any time.

  • "We are so pleased that even though Dr. Seubert's identity was stolen.....they never were able to scam us out of any money.  With the help of LibertyID, we were able to stop all fraudulent activity. Even when things quieted down for 6 months and started up again - it was reassuring to know you had our back."
    Seubert Family Dentistry – Portage, Wisconsin

Cover Your Practice

The Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance Services Corporation has partnered with LibertyID to provide WDA members with the leading data breach preparedness and response service that includes fully managed identity theft restoration for all your employees and families.

LibertyID provides your practice with the tools and experts to assist you in mitigating the risk of lost revenue, expensive fines, and costly litigation, not to mention losing your patients’ trust.

LibertyID may save you and your practice tens of thousands of dollars in fines based on the new rule changes within the Health and Human Services Department announced just this year.

Now is the best time to get prepared!