Cyber Security and Data Breach


is Real


is Guaranteed


to WDA members is substantial

The Risk

To Your Practice – We probably don’t have to tell you just how damaging a data breach can be to a dental practice – nearly every day we read about another breach, another fine, another tragedy in the news. But – insurance alone – is not nearly enough.

A small dental practice is a more attractive target for thieves than a Fortune 500 company.

Data security is not about a router or a firewall – every data breach is caused by human error. Don’t let the bad guys ruin everything you’ve worked for.

To You, Your Family and Your Staff – There are no foolproof ways to protect yourself from identity theft. Every two seconds, another person becomes a victim. Recent hacking schemes—against credit bureaus and other popular companies—have compromised millions of people’s private information. If you’re one of those unlucky people, you may already be at risk.

Two Solution Options

1) For Your Practice* – LibertyID has designed a program specifically for small dental practices to provide them with a solution to the fallout from a data breach and identity theft.

LibertyID for Small Business includes fully managed identity theft restoration for all practice employees and your patients – should you ever have a breach. Furthermore, valuable pre-breach planning tools and expert post-breach regulatory compliance and consulting are provided.

* See Service Agreement for coverage details

2) For You, Your Family and Your Staff – Should you, a member of your family, staff or their family experience an identity theft, all they need to do is call us and we take over. We handle the follow-ups, paperwork, and phone calls, so they don’t have to. They can go back to work and their lives with peace of mind that we will fix their damaged identity.

The Savings

The Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance and Services Corporation has negotiated a very substantial discount for all WDA members.

Cover your practice or just cover yourself, your family and your staff. The decision is yours.

Coverage begins immediately, cancel at any time.

Now is the best time to get prepared!