"LibertyID for Small Business has helped us get on track for our compliance if we were to have a data breach."

“Our Dental Practice is extremely happy with the customer service we have received from LibertyID. This is a great benefit to our dental staff and they appreciate the fact that we offer them this benefit. We have had some staff members that have had to use this service and have been very satisfied and happy to have someone helping them at no cost to them. We can’t say enough good things about LibertyID.

LibertyID for Small Business has helped us get on track for our compliance if we were to have a data breach. It is nice to have reassurance that we can call them with our questions and have someone explain what needs to be completed. Thank you LibertyID!”

Office Manager
– VIP Family & Implant Dentistry

  • "This Is Fantastic!"
    Bret Busse, Evantage Consulting dba Fathom Consulting
  • "We now have tools for both Pre-Breach and Post-Breach response."
    Cindy Seubert, RDH, Seubert Family Dentistry
  • “As a dental practice with electronic protected health information on our patients, we are concerned about the possibility of a data breach. With the assistance of LibertyID for Small Business we have tools for both pre-breach planning and post-breach response. We are pleased that LibertyID for Small Business also extends identity theft restoration services to our staff members and their entire families...they got a little nervous after Dr. Seubert was attacked. I can't thank you enough.....we are still able to get credit and live life normally. This could have been a real nightmare...we will always have this great coverage.”
    Cindy S.
  • "A Small Price To Pay For Peace Of Mind."
    Office Manager, North Georgia Dentures & Implants
  • "The more we considered the exposure (of losing records) and the vulnerability we would have to lawsuits from our clients – the choice was obvious – LibertyID for Small Business"
    President, DKC Properties, Inc.
  • "Working with LibertyID allowed me to get relief, and feel like I’d regained some of the control. My name is Sarah. When I found out I remember feeling frustrated and that my life was out of control…"