"A Small Price To Pay For Peace Of Mind."

“Our dental practice wanted to offer an extra benefit to our employees and their families. Since Identity Theft is on the rise, we felt what better way to help our staff and give them another benefit, so we contacted LibertyID. They LOVE that they have this coverage as an extra benefit and can feel at ease to know that LibertyID will help them. We have already had two staff members use this benefit in less than six months of having the coverage. We cannot thank LibertyID enough for the peace of mind knowing that they have handled the issues and resolved them.

Our dental practice is always concerned about HIPAA breaches, with LibertyID they have helped us with Pre-Breach planning along with Post-Breach planning. We have our office and staff trained in what needs to happen if the unthinkable happens. With monthly monitoring, it helps to know that LibertyID is constantly looking out for our office along with other small businesses. Our dental practice is very happy with LibertyID and their undivided attention. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind.”

Office Manager
– North Georgia Dentures & Implants

  • "Communication from LibertyID was terrific, they are very courteous, thoughtful, sympathetic, and reassuring. My name is Linda F. I am from Wisconsin and I was a victim of a Facebook scam…"
    Linda F.
  • "Working with LibertyID allowed me to get relief, and feel like I’d regained some of the control. My name is Sarah. When I found out I remember feeling frustrated and that my life was out of control…"
  • When I received a bill from Verizon Wireless in my name, I was perplexed, as I have a different carrier. When I realized that someone had stolen my identity I was angry and scared. Thank God for LibertyID! Not only were they extremely kind and assuring, they knew what to do and they fixed the situation immediately.
    Hope M.